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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How to get rid of extra dry skin......NIVEA Repair and Care Body Lotion Review

Hello everyone.. Winters are here and yesterday I went for shopping of some winter skin care products and one of them was Nivea Repair and Care Body lotion.I started using it today and i could not resist sharing with you people that how was its effect.Just have a look at it first:
Its really important for us to take care of our skin because in winters it usually becomes dry and rough.Nivea is my most favourite brand when it comes to skin care products all of the nivea's products are simply amazing.This body lotion is Repair and care body lotion and it provides 48 hours relief from dry and tight skin once applied.It is very long lasting with a very sensational fragrance.It deeply moisturizes extra dry skin and nourishes it giving your skin a soothing effect

.It is dermatoligically developed with a formula that contains Dexpanthenol to strengthen the skin to prevent moisture loss and soothes rough dry areas.It is free from any color,ethyl alcohol amd animal derived ingredients.It is best suitable for dry and rough skin and is perfect for the use in winters.After applying you can feel the softness in your skin and there is no oily effect.It is a 250 ml bottle and lasts for a month almost.Its price is PKR.335.Its super affordable .Use regularly to establish 24 hours plus moisture supply.It is made in Spain.So rush to the stores and get this one and enjoy  your winters.