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Saturday, 10 October 2015


Its October people.Winters are almost here and most of us males/females suffer alot of dandruff problem as we take bath with hot water and hot water squeezes all the oils out of your hair and body leaving them super dry.Dry scalp is the first step towards those little white flakes coming off your hair and they are called dandruff.Dandruff is caused by dead skin cells.It is totally curable.There are many tips to cure it.Home remedies are the best way to treat dandruff.Here in my article you will find few of the useful tips.                                                                                               1.Always use cold water to wash your hair.                                                                               2.Use an Anti Dandruff shampoo to wash your hair 2-3 times a week.Excessive shampooing can cause more dandruff.                                                                                                          3.Sesame and ginger oil:Take few tablespoons of sesame oil and mix grated ginger into the oil.Apply on the scalp and massage gently and leave it for few minutes.After that wash your hair with cold water.                                                                                                                    
Sesame oil
 4.Baking soda:Baking soda works as a dry shampoo.It absorbs all the oil on the scalp also and it is alkaline in nature that helps to balance out the PH of the scalp and prevents formation of dandruff.Add few drops of water in the baking soda powder until it forms a paste.The massage on the scalp and leave for sometime and wash after that.
Baking soda
  5.Home made hair mask:Yogurt and eggs are easily available ingredients that can be found at everyone's home.Mix 4-5 tablespoons of yogurt and one egg together and apply it on the hair starting from roots to tips and massage gently in the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes.Rinse your hair with cold water and see the results your hair will become shiny and scalp will become enriched and dandruff free.Repeat this procedure almost every week.

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