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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Best Lip Shades for the Fall...

Want to look flawless for the fall?Go for darker lips.Lipsticks are a girls ultimate love.Dark lips are a high fashion trend this season.They enhance your looks and highlights your face features and make you look sizzling hot.Every single girl on this earth wants to look beautiful and trust me these lip shades that I have selected for you this fall will make u look simply amazing and super attractive.L'Oreal and Mac are my all time favourite brands when it comes to lipsticks.So today I have selected L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipsticks Range for the review.L'Oreal has the most amazing collection of the beauty products.Color Riche Lipsticks are just so perfect,all the shades are awsome with a creamy texture,proper finish and eye catching colors.The formula they are made up of is enriched with a combination of Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E that helps to protect your lips from drying.They give a very smooth and silky feel to your lips when applied.There are matte as well as glossy shades.Texture of the lipstick is quite buttery and it merges well on the lips.There are 44 different shades in this range of Color Riche lipsticks but out of these 44 I have selected few of the colors that are really in fashion now adays.Lets have a look at the swatches:
Now lets have a look at these shades separately.
        1.431 Fuschia Declaration is a very girly and a party shade.It looks best in the day time parties and events and it gives a very refreshing feel to your face.Want to look fresh.Go for this lip color.
        2.430 Mon jules is a very hot lip shade.I wore this on the halloween party and it caught everyones attention.It is best suitable for the evening events and dinners.
        3.364 16 Place Vendrome is very vibrant and attractive shade.Worn with very light makeup and subtle eyes it makes you look to die for.It is best suitable for fairer complexions

                   4. 335 Carmin st german is a bold berry red .Wear it and conquer the world.
                    5. 330 Cocorico is my favourite and it suits my skin tone also.Its fun to wear it.
        6.238 Orange After party If you love orange color then this is surely not the one to be missed out.Wear this fruity orange and party hard.It will give you immense pleasure.
         7.144 Ouhlala will basically give you a Va va voom effect.Going for a shopping or a casual dinner, its just the color.
          8.136 Flamingo Elegance.Are you in a mood to wear minimal makeup then this one is the best.It would not fade your look and give you a fresh look.
            9.134 Rose Royale.In a mood to paint the world pink.Wear this one.I wear it the most.                                                                                                                                                    These are the lipshades with their number and names and it would be easy for you now to buy the ones you like the most and that suits your skin tone.Its price is $8.95 approximately Rs.950 PKR.So do check out this Color Riche Lipstick range.Hope you will find this article very helpful.Chao....

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How to get rid of extra dry skin......NIVEA Repair and Care Body Lotion Review

Hello everyone.. Winters are here and yesterday I went for shopping of some winter skin care products and one of them was Nivea Repair and Care Body lotion.I started using it today and i could not resist sharing with you people that how was its effect.Just have a look at it first:
Its really important for us to take care of our skin because in winters it usually becomes dry and rough.Nivea is my most favourite brand when it comes to skin care products all of the nivea's products are simply amazing.This body lotion is Repair and care body lotion and it provides 48 hours relief from dry and tight skin once applied.It is very long lasting with a very sensational fragrance.It deeply moisturizes extra dry skin and nourishes it giving your skin a soothing effect

.It is dermatoligically developed with a formula that contains Dexpanthenol to strengthen the skin to prevent moisture loss and soothes rough dry areas.It is free from any color,ethyl alcohol amd animal derived ingredients.It is best suitable for dry and rough skin and is perfect for the use in winters.After applying you can feel the softness in your skin and there is no oily effect.It is a 250 ml bottle and lasts for a month almost.Its price is PKR.335.Its super affordable .Use regularly to establish 24 hours plus moisture supply.It is made in Spain.So rush to the stores and get this one and enjoy  your winters.

Saturday, 10 October 2015


Its October people.Winters are almost here and most of us males/females suffer alot of dandruff problem as we take bath with hot water and hot water squeezes all the oils out of your hair and body leaving them super dry.Dry scalp is the first step towards those little white flakes coming off your hair and they are called dandruff.Dandruff is caused by dead skin cells.It is totally curable.There are many tips to cure it.Home remedies are the best way to treat dandruff.Here in my article you will find few of the useful tips.                                                                                               1.Always use cold water to wash your hair.                                                                               2.Use an Anti Dandruff shampoo to wash your hair 2-3 times a week.Excessive shampooing can cause more dandruff.                                                                                                          3.Sesame and ginger oil:Take few tablespoons of sesame oil and mix grated ginger into the oil.Apply on the scalp and massage gently and leave it for few minutes.After that wash your hair with cold water.                                                                                                                    
Sesame oil
 4.Baking soda:Baking soda works as a dry shampoo.It absorbs all the oil on the scalp also and it is alkaline in nature that helps to balance out the PH of the scalp and prevents formation of dandruff.Add few drops of water in the baking soda powder until it forms a paste.The massage on the scalp and leave for sometime and wash after that.
Baking soda
  5.Home made hair mask:Yogurt and eggs are easily available ingredients that can be found at everyone's home.Mix 4-5 tablespoons of yogurt and one egg together and apply it on the hair starting from roots to tips and massage gently in the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes.Rinse your hair with cold water and see the results your hair will become shiny and scalp will become enriched and dandruff free.Repeat this procedure almost every week.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Stay tuned for more remedies.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Crescent Lawn 2015 by Faraz Manan

Spring season has started and summers are about to begin.With the beginning of the summers all the ladies and girls feel very excited here in Pakistan beacause its the perfect time for them to do lawn shopping as all the designers come up with their new spring/summer collections.Today i am gonna show you people my lawn shopping.My favorite designer lawn this season is Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan.Faraz Manan is a big name in the fashion industry.I personally love his work.He deals in bridals,formals,semi formals,casuals and lawn under the brand name Crescent Lawn.Indian actress Kareena Kapoor is the brand ambassador of Crescent lawn for the past two years.The shoot took place in India in Goa.Kareena has added a life to these suits and besides the shoot, the prints and the colors itself are so amazing and exotic.Colors used are bold like reds and orange, alongwith soft pastel colors.Let me show you the Latest spring summer collection 2015 that has launched on 2nd of March all over Pakistan.It is also available at different retailors in India and Dubai even you can buy online.I will show you my favourite ones that i have bought.Just have a look:
Beach Design#16

Tropical Design#10

Fabric Measurements:Chiffon/silk dupatta 2.5m                                                                                        Front panel :1.25m                                                                                                                                    Back Panel:1.25m                                                                                                                                      Sleeves:0.7m                                                                                                                                              Trouser:2.5m                                                                                                                                             All embroided necklines and borders included.
Exotic Red Design#5
Available in Lahore: Saleem fabrics,Liberty market                                                                                                                   Traditions Sector FF DHA                                                                                                                         Traditons model toen link road      
Display at Saleem Fabrics

Display at Saleem Fabrics

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Heels @ Newlook

Heels are women's weapon...LOL!Just kidding.Heels are women's weakness many of you would feel the same as i feel because heels make you look smart,attractive and young.A girl's closet is incomplete without beautiful heels and you must be wondering what type of heels am talking about let me show you.Just have a look.
I simply could not take my eyes off these heels.You would be thinking where i found these heavenly pairs..any guesses?Its NEWLOOK.All of the girls must be familiar with this very famous fashion store Newlook.Its an international brand with its stores all over Europe and Middle East.I has  all variety of feminine stuff for ladies including shoes,bags,accessories,clothes,nightwears etc etc.I did alot of shopping from Newlook during my recent visit to Dubai.There is a wide range of shoes including heels,wedge heels,pumps,flats etc.You can easily grab up a matching pair with your dress as there is a huge color option available.I bought the red one its worth DHS 125.It is so classy and comfortable that i can walk for hours in it.My sister bought the nude ones as they are very much in fashion now adays every girl must have nude ones in her closet.There is a wide variety of casual and fancy heels even you can find the printed ones and the snake skin ones.Girls seriously these heels are not the ones to let go.I highly recommend you all to visit Newlook for the heels or just visit their website to catch the latest designs you can also buy them online.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nail Art Kit.

Hi guys today i am gonna show you my cute little nail art kit.Just have a look at it: It contains a nail buffer for foiling and shaping up the nails.It contains a liquid glue,bottles of glitters in different colors and a pointed wooden stick for the easy application.I have choosen the black nail paint as black is so much in fashion and gives a chic and classy look to your hands.
See the picture how i have made my nails
I have painted all my nails black and i have choosen white glitter and i have sprinkled it over my third finger nail while the nail polish was wet.The glitter settled down on the nail and i dusted away the rest from the sides of my nails.White glitter over black nail color gave a quite interesting color and a rainbow type effect reflecting blue ,pink and green from white glitter on my nail.And i did not applied glitters to all my nails because it would give so heavy look so i wanted to keep it simple and beautiful by just applying it on one nail and it is a trend these days.Hope you will like my nail art and my little not so expensive nail art kit (Worth DHS 5).So try this out check the final look

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Olay Essentials Refreshing toner

Hey guys i am back on my blog again😊.Today my topic of discussion is healthy skin.A good and healthy skin requires daily cleansing and moisturization and for the cleansing purpose i would recommend you to use Olay essentials refreshing toner.Just have a look:This toner is a blue coloured watery liquid and helps to keep skin clean and glowing.                                   How to Apply:Pour some drops of toner onto the cotton wool and sweep gently across the face and neck.After that apply some good moisturizer preferably your choice of Olay moisturizer.Avoid getting into your eyes.If eye contact occurs rinse well with water.The toner is very refreshing it contains extracts of cucumber and aloe and it is alcohol free.It swipes away all the dirt and revitalize your skin appearance.Dematologically tested.Wont clog pores.It is a 200ml bottle.Price is Rs.375 easily avaible at all cosmetics stores.Do try it highly recommended.