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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nail Art Kit.

Hi guys today i am gonna show you my cute little nail art kit.Just have a look at it: It contains a nail buffer for foiling and shaping up the nails.It contains a liquid glue,bottles of glitters in different colors and a pointed wooden stick for the easy application.I have choosen the black nail paint as black is so much in fashion and gives a chic and classy look to your hands.
See the picture how i have made my nails
I have painted all my nails black and i have choosen white glitter and i have sprinkled it over my third finger nail while the nail polish was wet.The glitter settled down on the nail and i dusted away the rest from the sides of my nails.White glitter over black nail color gave a quite interesting color and a rainbow type effect reflecting blue ,pink and green from white glitter on my nail.And i did not applied glitters to all my nails because it would give so heavy look so i wanted to keep it simple and beautiful by just applying it on one nail and it is a trend these days.Hope you will like my nail art and my little not so expensive nail art kit (Worth DHS 5).So try this out check the final look