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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Loose Curls Updo!

This style is a softer way to put up your hair.Apply mouse then blow-dry.Wrap hair spray spritzed section around a one inch curling iron.Create an off centre low ponytail,tuck and pin it under then pullout pieces in front.Try Ke'rastase Paris Resistance Mousse Volumactive..price:Dhs:135.Use hold spray of any good brand.So now you are ready to hang out and go for shopping.Do the right makeup and feel dolled up:)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

NOTD! #Neon Accessories

Neons are the colors of fun and fashion.Make your fall bright by wearing neon colors this season.Neon colors are vibrant,attractive and eye catching colors such as Fuschia pink,Greens,Yellows & Oranges.Am gonna show you my Neon accessories and my neon orange nail paint.Just have a look:
I just love nail paints and this neon orange nail color is absolutely looking amazing.Neon metal bangles and ring is just adding alot to my hand as i was wearing a white shirt these colors brightened up my outfit and my look.The ring is so stylish and funky with Peace written on it.Its really very unique and whenever i wear it everyone praises it.Multi colored neon bangles look so stunning.I bought these Neon accesories from a very famous International branded store FOREVER 21.Most of you would be familiar with this brand.PRICE:Ring is for AED 15 and set of bangles for AED 25.FOREVER 21 is a very famous fashion store it offers a wide range of clothing line for women,shoes,handbags,all types of accessories and much more.This store is in Dubai and u can find FOREVER 21 in almost all big famous malls.Neon colors are are a trend now adays they make you look young and beautiful.Wearing such colors portray yourself as very colorful and fun loving person.Neon shoes and Hand bags can accompany your outfit.So ladies grab up your neon accesories and be stylish:)