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Monday, 15 December 2014

Dove pink beauty cream bar review.

Dove needs no introduction as all of you would be familiar with this brand.Dove is a beauty brand it offers a wide range of soaps,shampoos,conditioners and face wash etc.Today i will give you the review of Dove pink beauty cream soap bar.Here it is:
The key to beautiful skin is Moisture.Last days my skin became so dry and rough i tried many face wash and soaps of different brands but all in vain none of them suited my skin.So my friend suggested me to use Dove beauty bar and i got my perfect skin after using it.Dove beauty bar is very moisturizing and it contains 1/4 proportion of cream in it.It has a very refreshing and exotic scent.It forms a very good lather and has a creamy texture.It is a good hydrater for your skin unlike other soaps that extract all the moisture out of your skin.Dove makes your skin soft and tender.Apply it gently all over the face and rinse it with water and feel the difference.It is a 135 grams bar and its price is Rs.105 PKR.So those who have dry skin must try out this beauty bar it is very effective.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Banana Skin Tightening Facial Mask

Ingredients:-Banana,Honey and Yogurt.  
How to prepare:Mash up one banana into a paste evenly.Add two tablespoons of Plain yogurt and three tablespoons of honey into the paste and mix it well.           How to apply:Apply the prepared mask all over the face area and neck properly.Leave it onto the face for about 15 to 20 minutes.Rinse your face with tap water and see the result.    
                 Benefits of Banana for skin:As we eat banana to keep our diet balanced in the same way applying banana to the skin also proves beneficial.Banana keeps your skin healthy removes the dullness and keeps it entact.This mask is extremely useful for dry and dull skin and it instantly moisturizes it.It hydrates your skin leaving it soft,supple and rejuvenated and you can feel the difference in just one touch.So try out this mask and keep glowing.

Monday, 8 December 2014

NOTD! #Finger ring

Nails of the day!#NOTD!My today's outfit was yellow so i thought of applying the matching nail color.Painting all my nails yellow seemed too boring so to add a little funk i just added a touch of black color.Black is giving a very good effect to my hands and i am just loving it.So do try  applying nail paint like this.Just take a look:
The ring i am wearing is my favourite and it is in the shape of a flower.It is beige and golden with a swarovsky stone in the middle.I bought it from Forever 21.Price :Dhs.25.It is an international branded store located in all malls of Dubai and almost in all countries of the world like America,Canada,England etc.Forever 2l offers all kinds of fashion apparels for men and women.They have a huge variety of shoes,handbags,accessories,cardigans and much more.I just love their accessories and the jewellery pieces are just so amzing that i cannot resist myself from buying them.Most of the jewllery i have in my closet is from Forever 21.Forever 21 is  my favourite shopping destination.I love shopping there.Do visit the store and enjoy your shopping.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Vaseline Body Lotions Review.

Winters are at their peak and many of you would be facing dry skin problems.Here is a quick solution to it.All that you need is just "VASELINE".Vaseline is a very famous brand for skin care products like Hand and Body lotions for both men and women.They also offer Deo sprays with refreshing fragrances and lip balms etc.I am gonna show you my two favourite vaseline body lotions just have a look:
One is Vaseline Healthy white lotion.It is whitening & even tone lotion with vitamin B3 & triple sunscreen extracts.It is very effective it lightens up the dark color of your body gradually when applied regulary.The difference is quite noticeable and prominent.It is also very hydrating and moisturizes your skin and makes it look glowy and fresh.Dull dry skin may give you a bad feeling and destroy your personality.This small bottle is 200 ml and its price is Rs.250 PKR.                           The other one is Vaseline Essential moisturizing lotion in the big bottle.It is a deep conditioining lotion with vitamins A,B,E and minerals that skin need to be vibrant and feel healthy everyday.It is a multi vitamin lotion and helps your skin to restore its moisture.I apply it everyday after taking bath and before going to bed.It is a 400 ml bottle and lasts for many days.It penetrates into the skin instantly and makes it soft and supple.It is oil free.Healthy skin keeps you confident and boosts your self esteem so we should take good care of our skin.As we eat food to live our skin also needs some hydraters and minerals that we can get in the form of body lotions.So use of body lotions should be compulsory for every men and women.Best choice is Vaseline i personally love vaseline products.In a nut shell "Vaseline keeps skin amazing" i believe it hope you will also believe this fact after trying these body lotions.Stay healthy and take good care of your skin;)